Kayah on New Year's Eve in Cracow and TVN

Data: 14 XII 2014

This year, Kayah will be celebrating New Year on Cracow's Market. Live broadcast from the party on TVN TV station. Starts at 8 p.m.

Kayah "Transoriental Orchestra" on vinyl!

Data: 13 XII 2014

Kayah "Transoriental Orchestra" is already available on vinyl. Buy it now on: www.bit.ly/TransorientalLP

Kayah on "Kolędowanie z Dwójką" in Zabrze

Data: 12 XII 2014

This Sunday - 14 of December - Kayah  will perform on "Kolędowanie z Dwójką", as a guest of the band Zakopower. 
There will perform also Ewa Bem and Kinga Preis. Concert will be shown on TVP2 during this year's Christmas.

Kayah na Europejskich Targach CJG

Data: 29 XI 2014

Już dzisiaj, na Europejskich Targach Muzycznych Co Jest Grane, dwa spotkania z Kayah. 
O 15:00 panel "Muzyka jest kobietą: kobiety w branży?", a o 16:15 spotkanie z fanami na stoisku Kayaxu. Zapraszamy do Pałacu Kultury i Nauki. 

Kayah as an expert of POP music in today's show "superSTARcie"

Data: 24 X 2014

Today, in "superSTARcie", Kayah will be an expert of a music genre. The participants will perform in music hits from the POP genre.  Start of a live TV show, today at 9:05 p.m. on TVP2.

Kayah nominated to a plebiscite Róże Gali

Data: 21 X 2014

Kayah nominated to a plebiscite Róże Gali in Music cathegory for an album "Transoriental Orchestra". You can vote for her now. Send text message GA.WYBIERAM.7  by an SMS on number 71001. SMS costs 1,23 pln. 

Kayah and Transoriental in Norway

Data: 13 X 2014

This Saturday, 18 of October, Kayah will perform with Transoriental Orchestra in Norway, in Drammen at Union Scene. Concert starts at 8:00 p.m.

3 concerts by Kayah & Transoriental Orchestra

Data: 10 X 2014

From today KAYAH with Transoriental Orchestra will perform three concerts in Wrocław, Poznań, Gdynia! 
You'll find detials in CONCERTS.

Kayah & Transoriental Orchestra in Katowice

Data: 14 IX 2014

This Sunday, 14th of August, Kayah will perform with Transoriental Orchestra in Filharmonia Śląska during "Kocham Katowice" - Birthday Party of a City Katowice. Concert starts at 6 p.m.

Kayah and Andrzej Piaseczny in new fresh project

Data: 1 IX 2014

The artists went to a studio to refresh known legendary hit. Which one? You'll find out very soon. The new arrangement of the song is made by Andrzej Smolik.

Kayah & Transoriental Orchestra on Olsztyn Green Festival

Data: 7 IX 2014

The Olsztyn Green Festival will last two days. Kayah with Transoriental Orechstra will perform on the final of the Festival on 7th of September after 9 p.m. On that day, before Kayah, will perform Ania Rusowicz, Kuba Badach, Południce and Kraków Street Band.

Kayah & Transoriental Orchestra on European Festival of Taste 2014 in Lublin

Data: 6 IX 2014

Kayah with Transoriental Orchestra will perform on European Festival of Taste 2014 in Lublin on 6th of September. After Kayah's concert, on the same stage, will perform rock legend from Hungary - band Omega.

Concert Kayah in Lubawa

Data: 24 VIII 2014

On Sunday, 24th of August 2014, Kayah will perform during Days of Lubawa. She'll perform her greatest hits. Concert starts at 9 p.m. on Stadion Łazienkowski.

Kayah & Transoriental Orchestra in Opole

Data: 09 VIII 2014

On 9th of August 2014, in Amphitheatre in Opole, Kayah will perform with Transoriental Orchestra.
Concert starts at 8 p.m.

Kayah and Idan Raichel - amazing musical collaboration

Data: 27 czerwca 2014

Concert in Rzeszów.read more

Kayah in Opole

Data: 8 czerwca 2014

OPOLE !read more

Kayah’s concert at the 15th International Spring Festival in Israel!

Data: 22 maja 2014

Spring Festival in Israel.read more

Ceremonial concert in Warsaw – „Here’s where the European heart beats“

Data: 1 maja 2014

Poland in the European Union.read more

Kayah in „The Book of Angels and Humans“ concert in Wroclaw

Data: 30 kwietnia 2014

"The Book of Angels and Humans"read more

Kayah will host the Fryderyki 2014 Award Ceremony

Data: 24 kwietnia 2014

Fryderyki 2014.read more

Kayah’s album „Transoriental Orchestra“ goes platinum!

Data: 15 kwietnia 2014

Platinum!read more

Kayah and Yasmin Levy in duet

Data: 9 grudnia 2014

Concert in Warsaw. read more

Christmas Carols in Presidential Palace

Data: 6 grudnia 2013

Concert at the Presidential Palace.read more

The big “Kayah & Transoriental Orchestra Tour” begins.

Data: 17 listopada 2013

"Kayah Transoriental Orchestra Tour".read more

The big premiere of the 10th Kayah’s album “Transoriental Orchestra”

Data: 5 listopada 2013

New album!read more